StatusStay was developed in 2019 by Lisa Promise Colella, following an idea from her husband and frequent travel companion, Matt. Through Matt’s Lifetime Platinum loyalty status with Marriott, we learned that it was difficult to find out in advance what his status would mean for our stay. There are many travel and review sites that exist today, but none specifically focused on reviews for and from hotel loyalists.

…Enter StatusStay.

Rather than acting as a replacement for these existing sites, consider us complementary. We’ve started with the world’s largest hotel loyalty program, Marriott, with plans to expand the chains available in coming years. The royal purple color scheme pays homage to where this all began – the original Starwood brand. Please note that we have no affiliation or partnership with the Marriott brand.

We exist to make it easier for those with loyalty status to research and select a hotel for an upcoming stay. StatusStay is the elite member’s guide to hotel stays.

As you evaluate a property’s rating, please keep in mind that ratings should be solely based on what your status means for your stay. The rating is not tied to the overall quality or location of the property, only your findings as it relates to your loyalty status.

We are now in beta mode, with additions and improvements to come. We welcome your feedback and can be reached at [email protected].